Diesel fuel drives America.

It does the hard work that moves the country forward. And for this reason, we chose Diesel as our moniker. The fuel exemplifies who we are and what we do. We’re not some flashy agency that burns out after one high concept campaign. We focus on the long haul delivering consistent messaging from day to day, from month to month, from year to year with campaigns that generate traffic, re-enforce brand identity, and maximize our clients ROI.

Diesel Automotive Advertising is a full service agency…

with emphasis on service. Someone on our staff is always available, so when our clients have a pressing need or an inspirational spark, we are there to make the move and get things rolling. Creative development, graphic design, media planning, television and radio production, direct mail, and social media engagement – whatever it is; we can do it.

It’s this desire to win that’s keeps DAA growing. Since we opened our doors in 2008, we’ve helped our clients reach and exceed their goals. Terrebonne Ford, the #1 Ford dealer in Southeast Louisiana, has dominated the region since we picked them up. Another of our clients, Barker Buick GMC routinely ranks within the top 50 Buick GMC dealers in the nation, and their sister store, Barker Kia doubled their sales under our representation.

Automotive advertising is what we do. It’s what we know. It’s who we are.

We are Diesel Automotive Advertising.